{:en} Rest assured that watercolour workshops are never dull! There is guaranteed to be plenty of smiling throughout the 3
{:en} Wishing you have the creativity and skill to do that gorgeous flower arrangements? You can try it out!! Join
{:en} Serious subject, yet, artistically manifested through five short films presented by Taiwan Film Institute and Taiwan Docs in the
{:en} This exhibition organized by Sarawak Artists Society (SAS) features art pieces by 35 artists. Each art piece tells a
{:en} Welcome to our first Duduk and Tonton for 2019! Brought to you by the longest running film festival run
{:en} We believe that everyone is an artist. Young or old, the art of creating is a joyous, exciting process,
{:en} This exhibition is jointly organized by Saradise Gallery and the Faculty of Applied & Creative Arts (FACA), UNIMAS. It
{:en} We use the programming language, mBlock (a variant of Scratch) to teach coding and the Arduino (a mini computer
{:en} This exhibition is jointly organized by Saradise Gallery and World Art Convention and features the art pieces and sketches
{:en} Learn STEM concepts, improve Social Skills, Team work & Critical Thinking Skills. Children can experience hands on & code
{:en} A competition to cultivate creativity and critical thinking. Participants will have to invent, innovate or build a product to
{:en} It is a two-way Art exploration and experiential journey for participating artists from Sarawak and China, more specifically Kuching
{:en} Our 3-day holiday camp will be in the form of a Makeathon where participants will focus on ideation, this
{:en} Check out the creative projects built by our students at our mini open day! AUGUST 18, SATURDAY | 2PM-4PM
{:en} Join us this coming Saturday at Saradise Innovation Space for the inagural Junior Innovate competition for Sarawak Southern Zone!
{:en} Gerald will introduce the fundamentals of portrait drawing and also the creative execution techniques. It is suitable for all
{:en} Saradise Gallery will be holding a launch of the solo art exhibition entitled ‘Voyage’ for artist Gerald Goh on
{:en} It's a two-hour workshop. Each of the workshop comprises of:  (a) Mission briefing  (b) Robot building  (c) Programming         (d) Test & Calibration  (e) Competition  {:}{:zh} It's a two-hour workshop. Each of the workshop comprises of:  (a) Mission briefing  (b) Robot building  (c) Programming        
{:en} Coding is becoming an essential basic skill—just like reading, writing, and mathematics—for students to thrive in the 21st century
{:en}The first ‘Kuching For Me’ contest which was organized in 2015, recognized achievements for literary works. For the 2017 edition,
{:en}Sarawak Artists’ Society is one prominent art society conceived to offer as a platform for artists to communicate, motivate, promote,
{:en}Saradise Gallery yesterday hosted its first event of the year, Saradise Evenings. During the evening of Art Appreciation which aims
{:en}Can business help to contribute to the identity of a location? For this Sarawakian property developer, the answer is yes.
{:en}20 Jan 2017 - In conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year festival, Saradise took time out to visit the
{:en}Saradise has recently been featured in the article titled “Green Strawberries: Motivating Generation Z to Live Green” on Singapore Architecture
{:en} Kuching for me Contest is an online contest organised by Vanadium Land, open for all Kuchingites to express their
{:en}The Kuching for me Contest, an online contest organised by Vanadium Land Sdn Bhd, announced Ms Goh Lee Lee as
{:en}For the first time people of Kuching are invited to share what the city means to them Kuching for me